Home Sweet Home - Soy Melts & Candles

Home Sweet Home - Soy Melts & Candles

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Vanilla is our second most popular request so we knew it was important to get it just right.  It’s a custom-created blend of vanilla bean, sugar, and a touch of amber so it isn't too sweet.  Perfect for shared community spaces and those that love vanilla!

P.S. We have featured our daughter Ellie's artwork on this label.  We love her sketchy watercolor houses that Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle would approve of and thought it was a fun way to add some fun to vanilla!


    Buttercupp Candles are highly scented 100% soy, phthalate-free, zinc-free, cotton wicks.

    Scent Strength:

    Melts: 24 hours per ounce. Melters with electric heating pads work best.

    5.5 oz Tin:  Approx 25 hours.  Single wicked.  

    12.5 oz Tin: 50 hours. Double wicked and perfect for med/large rooms.