Peaches & Poppies Candles & Melts | Milkhouse Candle Company

  • $22.00

A delightful fusion of luscious, ripe peaches intertwined with the delicate essence of wild poppies, jasmine, and rose petals, all wrapped in a sweet embrace of luxurious vanilla bean and subtle musk.

5.5 oz Fragrance Melt | Creamery Collection.
6 breakaway cubes.
It contains 100% paraffin-free all-natural wax.
Featuring our Clean Release formula that makes these the easiest melt cubes you’ve ever used. Our wax won’t stick to the sides of most warmers. Simply turn off the heat source, let solidify, and dump the solid wax in the trash when you need to switch it out to a new fragrance.
Fragrance throw time will differ based on melter type, melter temperature, and amount of daily use.
Fragrance melt wax cubes are ideal for any room size and work in most melters.