Sunkissed Meadow Candles & Melts

  • $6.00

A smooth and inviting blend of coconut cream, honeydew melon, sweet nectar, and lush greens, "Sunkissed Meadow" will transport you to the happiest little place on earth filled with warm sun rays, rolling hills, and a beautiful blue sky. You will find yourself continuously coming back to smell this decedent scent. 

Smith & Company candles & melts are hand-poured in small batches with 100% natural soy wax. Each candle and melt is made with the maximum amount of fragrance oil possible for soy candles giving you the most fragrant candle. They use high-quality fragrance oils with no added dyes and wicks that are 100% cotton.

Smith & Company uses high-quality soy- a natural and renewable energy source made by American farmers. It burns longer and cleaner than alternative waxes, leaving significantly less soot if any at all.

Candles are 16 oz and burn time is approximately 80-100 hours.  Intended for use in medium/larger rooms. Product dimensions: 3" x 5"